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About Us

Networth is an experiment to demonstrate that it is possible to validate data by employing blockchain technology to ensure veracity without the need of an army of volunteers to vouch for each piece of data. And contributors are rewarded with a utility tokens. The starting data set will focus on the top 0.01 percent of the most wealthy in the U.S. These people are grouped into the high net worth individuals class and comprise approximately 5,000 individuals.


Danny Landau

CEO of NetworthLabs

Danny has been part of many high tech, eclectic start-ups, which range from Biometrics using dynamic signature verification technology, to Parkinson's disease monitoring using medical device diagnostic tools, as well as health drug search engine portals, and others. All these experiences have come to bear on NetworthLabs, to utilize blockchain to validate data, starting with high net worth individuals.


Alexi Semonov1

Front-End Developer1


Misha Rabin

Back-End Developer


Eli Miskin

Blockchain Dev


Avi Oren

UI/UX Designer